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The HQ Pro-Stitcher® quilting system integrates Handi Quilter’s world-class quilting machines with the latest computer technology.


12-inch color touchscreen computer mounted on the HQ stitch-regulated quilting machine
Operate entire system from one screen
Includes more than 1000 designs, including a designer showcase of motifs from your favorite designers
Switch between computer-guided and free-motion quilting at the touch of a button
Resize, Rotate and Repeat designs to fit specific areas
Skew or Align designs to fit any area with three or more points
Move designs into position by simply moving your finger across the screen
Stretch and resize a design using on-screen handles
Define and Fill an area with a design, using 2-corner (rectangles) or multi-point (any shape)
Save and move areas
Two-Point Rotation for border designs and fitting odd angles
Precisely reposition designs using the Center Point, Start Point, End Point, any corner of the design area, or any point within the design
Crop inside or outside of your design to fit your quilt, with the option to close the jumps or leave them open
Create new start/stop points
Place designs into borders and other odd-shaped spaces
Customizable speed and stitches-per-inch
Micro Tie-Off function
Ability to read most .hqf, .txt and .qli digital quilt patterns
Seamless integration with Art & Stitch® for designing and adjusting your own patterns at the machine (optional software)
Mark and record multiple points for accurate stitch-in-the-ditch quilting
On-screen Grid and Ruler to measure designs or area on quilt
Reorder designs for stitching
Horizontal and vertical channel lock
Help menus always accessible


Quilt edge-to-edge or block patterns with confidence in a few simple steps
Simple and accurate stitch-in-the-ditch
EZ Record: record unique digital designs for future use (newly created designs can be saved on a USB or hard drive of the Pro-Stitcher to be resized, repositioned or edited)
Built-in ruler tool for measuring in any direction
Switch from computerized quilting to free-motion quilting in seconds
Use nearly any digital pattern (.hqf, .txt and .qli formats)


Silent, integrated motor-control systems with fluid motion control
No additional computer needed to run the HQ Pro-Stitcher
Separate PC connected to the Internet required for downloading new designs and software updates
USB port to easily upload digital patterns to HQ Pro-Stitcher
Draw your own quilting motifs from scratch
Fill shapes with cross hatching, wave fills, stippling, and more
Use fills around a design
Turn shapes into appliqué designs with a mouse click

Reasons to Buy Handi Quilter

HQ worldwide retailer support
HQ Warranty: 10 years casting, 5 years electrical, and 5 years mechanical
Designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A.
Educational videos, tutorials, and tips available at